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Travel can change the world. But first we need to change travel. Let’s get together and talk about how to make that happen.

Next up … Retravel Live: Protecting the Planet

We believe every day should be Earth Day! Help us keep the Earth Day conversation going by joining our founder, Bruce Poon Tip, along with three change-makers who are leading the charge to help address challenges being faced by our planet. From contamination of the world’s oceans, to the delicate balance between people and wildlife, to the growing single-use plastic crisis, our panelists will look at how travel can help alleviate some of these problems and what you, as a traveller, can do to make a difference.

Together, we’ll talk about how to identify reputable organizations, as well as what to do before your trip and what to avoid on the road to ensure your adventure has the best impact on our beautiful earth.

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Meet our extra special guests

Lily Carlson
Writer, Digital Creator

Lily is a Toronto-based digital creator, photographer, and writer, who’s passionate about sustainable travel and how we can do better for the well-being of people and the planet. Lily also works in sustainability communications at Air Canada.

Tommie Eaton
Founder, BambuuBrush

Tommie is the British founder of BambuuBrush. As a passionate traveller, he has explored, lived and worked around the world and having spent six years in Asia and Australia, he saw first hand the negative impact that the growing plastic pollution crisis was having both on the planet and the local people in developing communities. He was shocked by the visible increase in plastic waste he saw in just a few short years on the beaches in popular tourism areas and was inspired to be part of the solution.

Neil Ever Osborne
Climate Change & Sustainability Editor at The Weather Network

Based in Toronto, Neil Ever Osborne joined The Weather Network (TWN) as the Sustainability Editor in 2020 after spending over 20 years travelling the world as a photojournalist and writer. He is a National Geographic Explorer and Represented Photographer and holds positions as a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and a Fellow International of The Explorers Club.

Bruce Poon Tip (Host and moderator)
Founder, G Adventures

Passionate about the power of travel to change the world for the better, Bruce is a global leader in social entrepreneurship, leadership, immersive travel, and innovation. He is best-known as the founder of G Adventures, the award-winning small group adventure travel company and pioneer of community tourism. Bruce’s first book, Looptail: How One Company Changed the World by Reinventing Business, was released in 2013 and became a New York Times Best Seller. In 2020, he was honoured as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and released an instabook titled Unlearn: The Year the Earth Stood Still.

Retravel Live Recap

Did you miss an earlier Retravel Live? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the content you need to get all caught up.

Retravel Live: Women & Travel
Alessandra Alonso
Founder and Managing Director, Women in Travel
Becki Enright
Founder, Borders of Adventure
Meenu Vadera
Founder, Azad Foundation & Women With Wheels
Bruce Poon Tip (Host and moderator)
Founder, G Adventures
Retravel Live: The Year Ahead
Judy Kepher Gona
Director, Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda
Audrey Scott
Co-Founder, Uncornered Market
Jamie Sweeting
President, Planeterra
Bruce Poon Tip (Host and moderator)
Founder, G Adventures
Retravel Live: The Year Ahead
Lyn Hughes
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Wanderlust
Joe Diaz
Co-Founder, AFAR Media
Shannon Stowell
CEO, Adventure Travel Trade Association
Bruce Poon Tip (Host and moderator)
Founder, G Adventures
Retravel Live: Children & Travel
Heather Greenwood Davis
Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute
Maria Pieri
Editorial Director, National Geographic Traveller UK
Sébastien Marot
Executive Director, Friends International
Bruce Poon Tip (Host and moderator)
Founder, G Adventures
Retravel Live: Wildlife Deserve a Wildlife
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute
Bruce Poon Tip
Founder, G Adventures
Retravel Live: An important conversation about travel
George Stone
Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler U.S.
Elizabeth Becker
Author of “Overbooked”
Juliet Kinsman
Sustainability Editor, Condé Nast Traveller, U.K.
Bruce Poon Tip
Founder, G Adventures


You’re right, we did make up a word. But when you’re trying to sum up something that means a bunch of different things, sometimes you need to think outside the dictionary. At its core, Retravel means to reflect, rethink, and relearn how our travel choices impact the world, so we all can make more informed decisions and spread the most good. We’ve seen with our own purple eyes how travel can totally transform a community. Now we want to help the world see that too.

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